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Detectors for automatic doors

Domino 1000 radar for doors

This is a very versatile unit. It recognises directional movement, cross traffic and, due to its 'turtle mode', it recognises smallest movements.

Easy to use due to pre-programmed adjustments. Sensitivity is adjustable with a pot.

Domino 1000 covers a varied range of general applicatiions and special practices.

It is a K-band RADAR detector (24.125 GHz) sensing movement direction and ignores cross traffic. Due to its 'turtle mode' even smallest movements are detected.

Domino 1000 simplifies your logistics.

This unit reduces the large number of models to be kept in stock and to be serviced at the customers' premises.

The modules come with integrated aerial and can be plugged into a range of sockets according to the application and desired directional sensitivity.


Technology and Design

The innovative planar technology with integrated patch aerial makes for a compact unit. Domino 1000 is an outstanding unit because of its top-notch technology and build-quality.


Very Simple Installation

Stick on template for drilling, attach ground plate made of recyclable plastic, connect cable and click-on cover. Due to the versatile mounting geometry inside the ground plate a large amount of different models of radar detectors is now obsoleter.


Detection Range

The detection range can be adjusted in 5º steps from 0º to 40º.



Detection range with a mounting hight of 2.2 m at and an angle of 30º.










Easy to operate

The Domino 1000 unit comes as standard with 16 pre-programmed adjustment options. They can be field-programmed for all applications with DIP switches. Sensitivity is adjusted with a pot. Conveniently, the unit can also be remote controlled via a self-explanatory menu and an LCD display.


Cross traffic immunity Turtle-mode



Domino 1000 is highly customisable: we can produce it with a custom logo as well as all the adjustments pre-programmed according to your needs. Customised productions are also available. Tell us your requirements for an individual and innovative solution.


Domino 1010 Radar-Fitting, small, nearly invisible.

Technical data are identical with unit Domino 1000.











Mounting frame for Domino 1010


There are many accessories available for this unit. Many types of mounting bezels and brackets make installation possible for different kinds of environments.



Domino 1050, the simply 'mono' door opener

  • mono Radar movement detector
  • 'open' signal for automatic doors
  • non-directional sensor, no cross-traffic recognition and 'Turtle-Mode'



Domino 1200 FRW

Radar-based movement detector for escape and safety paths

The only certified FRW alarm unit without AIR part for closing-gap protection






  • TÜV certified
  • genuine stationary function for optical light gates
  • recognises direction of movement
  • cross traffic optimisation
  • identical optics for indoor and outdoor usage
  • easily handles different kinds of floors




Domino DW-Set

weather protection &
ceiling mount

One set, two items for a variety of applications




easy mounting on ceilings and
areas exposed to the weather.

protection from snow, rain, etc.



Remonte Control D-L

Domi Link

a bi-directional remote with LCD display and
self-explanatory menue.

to program all remote controls, even those of
other manufacturers.




First-time use


Open battery compartment, insert 2 Alcaline
batteries of the type LR6/AA, 1.5V.



observe polarity!