The ASK safety contact mat

The ASK safety contact mat is used for area protection of hazardous working areas on machines, e.g. presses, robots and other swiveling devices. Stepping on the mat causes a control command to immediately stop the hazardous movement. This rapid contact is made possible by an internal surface switch, which is cast in one piece in waterproof polyurethane. A textured surface is also integrated. If high mechanical demands are placed on the mat surface, corrugated coverings made of aluminum or stainless steel can also be applied. Special evaluation devices monitor the switching function of this operationally safe safety contact mat.

The structure and principle of the safety mat

The basic construction of the safety contact mat consists of two conductive plates, which are separated from each other by a gridded insulating layer. These plates are completely encapsulated in a black polyurethane so that dust and water cannot penetrate. On the upper side there is thus a non-slip structure, which is also well resistant to oils and greases. Two double-core cables are connected to the contact plates and led to the outside. An M8 connecting plug and an M8 connecting coupling are connected to these cables at the factory. The floor fixing is done by a ramp rail or a fixing rail made of aluminum. A mounting frame can be supplied for floor-level installation.

Control electronics and signal processing

The ASK safety contact mat has two double-core connection lines and offers the possibility of series connection of several mats up to a maximum total area of 10 m². One end of the cable is connected to the control electronics and the other end is equipped with the terminating resistor (prepared at the factory). The electronics now monitor the entire line section, including the mat, up to the terminating resistor. When external force is applied, the contact surfaces in the mat touch and bridge the resistor. This immediately causes a signal in the electronics, which is output as a potential-free relay contact. At the same time, the entire switching arrangement is monitored for wire breakage or tampering.

Important notes

  • In a series connection, up to 10 contact mats may be connected to one control unit. Do not exceed the maximum total area of 10 m²!
  • Wires should not exceed 75m!
  • The end resistor must be fixed to the last mat when linking several mats!
  • Please ask for mats with cut-outs or special shapes separately!

Technical Data

Maximum dimensions2500 mm x 1400 mm
Standard dimensions1000 mm x 750 mm
Surfacing1000 mm x 1000 mm and 1000 mm x 1500 mm
Building height10 mm without and 14. 5 mm with covering
Weightapprox. 15 kg/m² (without covering)
Inactive edgemax. 10 mm circumferential
Switching pressureRound body 80 mm Ø = approx. 150 N
Static loadmax. 200 N on 80 mm Ø
Response timemax. 25 ms (tested according to EN 1760-1)
Switching cyclesmin. 1. 5 Mio (tested according to EN 1760-1)
Potting materialPolyurethane black
Ingress protectionIP 65
Temperature range0° C to +60°C
Chem. ResistanceOils, greases (good), 10% acids (resistant), 10% alkalis (resistant)
MaintenanceThe mat is maintenance-free. An annual functional test is recommended!
Connection cableStandard: not pluggable 2x 0.34 PU jacket black. Also available in M8 connector version.

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