TypeImageChannelsRangeSupply Voltage
TIP-2250 m12 V (N cell)
NEO-22150 m12 V (N cell)
NEO-2M2150 m12 V (N cell)
Eco-Victory 433-2250 m12 V (N cell)
Victory 433-2250 m12 V (N cell)
NEO-44150 m12 V (N cell)
NEO-4M4150 m12 V (N cell)
Eco-Victory 433-44150 m12 V (N cell)
Neon 4-4334150 m12 V (N cell)
Victory 433-44150 m12 V (N cell)
Mix 12K12150 m12 V (N cell)
HS-AP2H250 m12 V (N cell)
HS-AP4H4150 m12 V (N cell)
E-Key-A-433Handsender E-Key-A3150 m3 V (CR2430)
E-Key-B-4333150 m3 V (CR2430)
Keypoint PL-14 (at 433 MHz)
255 (at 868 MHz)
150 mBattery
MemoService memory module, USB connection
Reading of receivers Micro 868 and 433
Editing on PC
Deleting individual handheld transmitters without their presence
Transferring to (other) receivers

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