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    On the pages of our Internet presence we would like to give you the possibility to obtain an overview about our products and services. Profit of more than 15 years of experience in the field of safety installations(safety edges, light barriers, contact mats, switching mats, alarm mats, gate controls, traffic lights, switching edges, sensing edges, bumpers, contact bumpers, radar detectors, light sensing devices, access controls, motion detectors, airwave switches, light grids, Topscan, sensor edges, spiral cables, etc.) for gates, sliding gates, roller doors, doors, automatic doors, machines and systems, as well as for buses and trains.
    We are pleased to offer you an expert advice. We are delivering short-dated both for maintenance and first equipment for the desired safety edge, contact edge, sensing edge, contact mat, switching mat, bottom rail shutdown, crush protection, alarm mat, gate controller, traffic light or access control with transponder-card or transponder-pendant.
    The required signaltransmission for 8K2, 1K2, or diode, as inductive rope transmission system, radio transmission system or power transmission rail / energy chain are also instantly disposable.
    As an opening pulser for doors and gates we are offering various solutions (code lock / locks with digit codes, access controls, access control systems, induction loops / induction loop or loop wire with loop grouting, loop detector single channel or dual channel, radio systems, meaning radio receiver for garage doors, industry gates, industry doors, gates, with portable transmitter and remote control, 50 and 150 m range, motion detectors, one-way light barrier and reflex / two-way light barrier).
    The product range is completed by optical signaler like flash lights, rotating flashing lights, flashing lights and rotating mirror beacons.
    Hand over a task to us, we are endeavoured to find the optimal solution for you.